Friday, March 30, 2007

Free Adwords credits!

When signing up for a hosting account at, I recieved 50 USD worth of free Adwords credits. This is quite normal in the hosting market. If you arent offered something in this region, look for another hosting partner to sign up with.


Signed ut for a new Adsense account for (fx), and found that Forex ads pay very hansomly. 2 clicks today already, and a couple of dollars to my name.

I think that finding the right way to scale traffic will be a great challenge.

Forex Trading - a new site

I have just created a new site about Forex Trading, (fx) Forex Potential.

This is the first time I have started something like this, and would love to recieve comments on the service.

On the outset, I have the following goals:

1) The site must have interesting content to be successful. Therefor, I must work hard on writing good articles.
2) Marketing of the site is important, since the Forex space is partially cramped, but not full.
3) An appealing look & feel + graphic design is a miss on most Forex sites. This is where I will be different.